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WordPress Marketing Developer at Single Grain is looking to hire a WordPress Marketing Developer remote job. View the details for this Single Grain position and the $31,000* salary range estimate.

Single Grain is a digital marketing agency that works with brands such as Uber, Amazon, Salesforce, Airbnb and more. We also have two podcasts, a software company called ClickFlow and a YouTube channel.

Single Grain is looking for a WordPress Developer to work on three of our properties: Single Grain, Leveling Up and Marketing School (1.2M podcast downloads/mo). This position is a contract role with opportunity for full-time and will be reporting to the Director of Marketing on a weekly basis and as needed.

This is an exciting, dynamic role that involves creating new products and new experiments to drive innovation on our different properties.

Please include in the first line of your cover letter “Wordpress is Cool” or your application will be disqualified. Include exactly 3 links to your best work, website, Github and tell us a few simple changes you would make to improve the website (doesn’t have to be too detailed).

Salary & Closing Date

*The salary range for this job is rated at $31,000 USD. This is only an estimate based on similar remote job positions. Please contact the company for the actual salary range.

This job was first posted on 11th March 2020 but today is 16th May 2020 so please disregard this listing after 30 days or try the application link first to see if they are still hiring.