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Backend Engineer at Density Inc. is looking to hire a Backend Engineer remote job. View the details for this Density Inc. position and the $90,000* salary range estimate.

When someone installs Density in a location, they get access to real time, accurate people count. The experience is magical to a customer, but the process involved in accomplishing it is complex. Density has counted 13 million humans, and that number is growing exponentially. We are seeking a talented backend engineer to help architect a suite of web-based products to transform that data into insight.

The software systems that support Density are foundational: our customer facing APIs and applications, the systems that manage and orchestrate our fleet of devices, and the internal tools that keep our organization running smoothly. We put a high value on the infrastructure that supports our systems, and love approaching problems through research, prototyping, and experimentation. We are not afraid to embrace new technologies, but are mindful in what we choose.

As an organization, we understand the importance of design, focusing on fundamental problems, and decentralizing decision making. As an engineering team, we design, build, and test with simplicity and scalability in mind. As individuals, we take ownership in our work and decisions. We’re looking for someone with a deep understanding of the web who shares these ideals.

This position reports to Density’s Director of Software Engineering.

What you’ll work on

Lead backend development on internal and customer facing projects, utilizing Python and Django
Build APIs and data delivery mechanisms for applications such as web dashboards, alerting & health systems, mobile applications, and third party integrations
Monitor, understand inefficiencies, and improve the data pipeline
React to customer needs and feedback through tight-looped, iterative development
Contribute to open source initiatives
Document and teach best practices across our stack

What we’re looking for

5+ years industry experience building and scaling web applications and APIs
Deep experience with Python and Django
Experience building data-centric applications, including analytics pipelines, report generation systems, and alerting & health systems
An understanding and appreciation for application performance monitoring and profiling tools
A desire to define, document, and teach web engineering standards
Strong writing skills, with experience crafting clear and concise documentation
A motivation for constant learning

Icing on the cake

Experience with statistical analysis and trend data modeling
Experience with building applications using ES6, React, and Redux
A deep appreciation for design
A strange obsession with counting people (or what you can do with the resultant data)

While we have offices in Syracuse (NY), San Francisco, and NYC, we embrace and have built a culture around remote work.

Salary & Closing Date

*The salary range for this job is rated at $90,000 USD. This is only an estimate based on similar remote job positions. Please contact the company for the actual salary range.

This job was first posted on 13th March 2020 but today is 17th May 2020 so please disregard this listing after 30 days or try the application link first to see if they are still hiring.